07 October 2010 @ 12:48 am
Conditional tense is essentially future + would.

For regular -er verbs:

je donnerais
tu donnerais
il/elle donnerait
nous donnerions
vous donneriez
ils/elles donneraient

(Je donnerais = I would give)

For regular -ir verbs:

je finirais
tu finirais
il/elle finirait
nous finirions
vous finiriez
ils/elles finiraient

(Je finirais = I would finish)

For regular -re verbs:

je vendrais
tu vendrais
il/elle/on vendrait
nous vendrions
vous vendriez
ils/elles vendraient
(Je vendrais = I would sell)

When you add conjugated avoir and the other one into the mix, basically makes them past tense: would have. Dr & Mrs Vandertramp apply, yes that suqz.
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