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2011-03-14 08:25 am

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ambitions? what are those?

Do i want something just because I ought to want it, or do I want this because I really want it?

What do you aspire to achieve, and how do you want to achieve it?

are you really looking to become one of the greats?

or are you really just seeking a freedom that you can't attain?
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2011-02-01 03:56 am

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I think maybe I'm just a very concerned worried --- child ---

what is that website with the 750 words, I should probably czech that out
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2011-01-22 08:37 pm


existing on a different wavelength, literal communication difficulties

born without a heart, still somehow able to function, sci
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2011-01-15 12:12 am


CAS hours are stupid. You should do things because you want to do them, not because you feel obliged to do them.

Learning through competition is stupid. You should learn because you want to learn, not because you feel obliged to do better than everyone else.

Stuffing my face with chocolate is stupid. I only want chocolate because I know I can have it. Do I really want to eat it? No.
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2011-01-15 12:04 am


Started working on the goal to enrich my life. This was first done through attempting a Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout (Yes, go and laugh now) and then by starting to learn Hoot dance steps, and then by meditation.

This entry is probably a little dull. I don't feel like thinking.

I've noticed, with meditation, that there is this stress point right between my brows.

I've also noticed that I have not really relaxed in a long time.

I want to stop focusing on what I want to become, and start focusing on how I can treat myself properly, feel good within that time frame that is the here, and the now. Now is real, I am going to go get some chocolate.
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2011-01-06 11:43 pm
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i hate math.

no, correction, i just hate working with stats.
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2010-12-28 07:48 pm

Productivity List Dec.27

- Start learning how to dance one song (Dashi Dorawa perhaps) 
- Meditation
- Read a little more of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle
- Running Man lol
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2010-12-17 02:08 am

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She seems to write in code whenever she's upset.

Sometimes, I wish I could just wrap my arms around her waist, pull her close, inhale deeply and savour the contact. Maybe run my hands through her hair. It wouldn't be scraggly like mine.
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2010-11-07 03:21 am

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I really worry about you. Sad, isn't it? I don't even know you.

I can't stand seeing people in pain and knowing that there is nothing within my power to ease it.

I want to give you cookies and hugs and get you in a bed so you can finally get some sleep, and take care of all those people that trouble you.

I hope you'll be alright.
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2010-10-07 12:48 am
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Conditionnel: What the fuck is it?

grammar lesson uno )

For regular -re verbs:

je vendrais
tu vendrais
il/elle/on vendrait
nous vendrions
vous vendriez
ils/elles vendraient
(Je vendrais = I would sell)

When you add conjugated avoir and the other one into the mix, basically makes them past tense: would have. Dr & Mrs Vandertramp apply, yes that suqz.
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2010-10-04 11:15 pm

yelling at computers helps me cope

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2010-10-04 11:09 pm
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learning new vocabz

defenestrate. verb. throw through or out of the window.

"If you ever quote Rhett Butler at me again, I will defenestrate you," Changmin answers, nonchalant.

While most of the fandom can't write for shit, there are the few that just...ugh. Gold.

In other news, I'm hungry and cold and looking for some lovin', how about it sailor? 
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2010-09-30 09:25 pm
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They don't hate me. God, you don't even know how happy this makes me. I have friends. I have my own fucking friends ;____;

I AM LIKED. I AM LIKEEEED. /insert dance party
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2010-09-28 09:08 pm
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The more you know~

Kewl fact #2: I tend to rock and forth when I sit in class. Blame my bony ass for making it so fun ;__;
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2010-09-28 08:57 pm
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San Shan Shaaaan

Brain, I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to keep dredging up embarrassing moments that I'm attempting to forget, thanks. The fact that it's filmed on tape already makes it bad enough for me, really.


Well, this doesn't look like it'd be a hot mess in any shape or form. 'Course not.
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2010-09-28 01:16 am
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I really do not fucking understand people at times. I don't see the point of clinging to someone who's already proven that they are not really someone that you should trust or continue to be around. You are not being a bad person if you drop the friendship. You're just saving yourself from inevitable drama later.

And people who continue friendships out of pity? Be honest. Don't toy with emotions and cause the person in question to feel more self-doubt and loathing than they already do. You are not helping anything, you are just making a mess out of what is already there.